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The Medium as the Messenger. Julian Hanich zu Gast in Mannheim

Julian Hanich, Assistant Professor of Film Studies an der Universität Groningen, ist kommende Woche zu Gast im Seminar „Audiovisual Media and Emotions“ von Prof. Jens Eder. Sein Vortrag „The Medium as the Messenger or, How to Move the Audience with a Media Philosophical Motif“ findet um 15:30 Uhr in EW 151 statt, Interessierte – insbesondere MKW-Studierende – sind herzlich willkommen. Weitere Informationen finden sich in der eingefügten Vortragsankündigung sowie einem kurzen Lebenslauf von Julian Hanich.

In this talk I want to take a closer look at a tried-and-tested melodramatic motif of numerous films and television series: A dying character formulates a message to a loved one who will only be able to read, listen to or watch what has been written or recorded after the sender has passed away. By singling out this motif my talk tries to achieve two things. First, since media such as letters, audiotapes or video recordings evidently play a crucial role in these scenes, I want to speculate about some of the media philosophical implications. Second, I will explore the emotional potential of how this standard situation is able to deeply move the audience. As it will turn out, part of the emotional power of these scenes lies precisely in the fact that the melodramatic motif involves media as messengers.

Short CV
Julian Hanich is Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of Groningen. From 2009 to 2012 he held a position as a postdoctoral research fellow at the interdisciplinary research center “Languages of Emotion” at the Free University Berlin. He studied North American Studies and Film Studies in Berlin, Berkeley and Munich. His first monograph on the phenomenology of fear at the movies – entitled Cinematic Emotion in Horror Films and Thrillers. The Aesthetic Paradox of Pleasurable Fear – has recently come out in a paperback version (New York: Routledge, 2010; paperback version 2012). He has also co-edited a volume of the German online journal Nach dem Film on Laughter in the Movie Theater (October 2010) and co-edited a book on filmic suggestion and the viewer’s imagination entitled Auslassen, Andeuten, Auffüllen. Der Film und die Imagination des Zuschauers (Paderborn: Fink, 2012). His articles have appeared, among others, in Screen (forthcoming), Projections (forthcoming), Film-Philosophy, Jump Cut, The New Review of Film and Television Studies, Montage/AV, Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft and Amerikastudien/American Studies.

- fk, (17.03.14)