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Einladung zum Vortrag von Gastprofessor Scott Althaus

Das Seminar für MKWbegrüßt dieses Semester zusammen mit dem MZES einen weiteren Gastprofessor. Prof. Dr. Scott Althaus (Department of Political Science and Department of Communication, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) wird für knapp eine Woche bei uns zu Gast sein. Zu diesem Anlass wird ein öffentlicher Abendvortrag veranstaltet, zu dem wir Interessierte herzlich einladen möchten. Der Vortrag zum Thema "Less than Meets the Eye? The Effects of Casualty News on Domestic Support for America's Wars" wird am Mittwoch, den 22. Mai 2013 um 19.00 Uhr im Fuchs-Petrolub-Saal (O 138) stattfinden.


"Most of the psychological research on how casualty information affects popular support for military conflicts studies individuals in experimental settings. In contrast, most of the political science research on war support looks at aggregate opinion dynamics in observational settings. Because it is so difficult to document the nature or content of casualty information that reaches individuals outside of controlled laboratory settings, this political science research has tended to model casualty effects as a simple product of increasing numbers of casualties, without considering how this casualty information is actually communicated to individuals within a society. These different approaches lead to conflicting conclusions about the nature and importance of the public's "casualty sensitivity" in shaping the dynamics of popular support for military conflicts. This presentation aims to reconcile these two approaches by clarifying how casualty information has historically been communicated to American news audiences, and by studying how local information flows about war casualties influenced local opinion dynamics about American involvement in the early stages of the Iraq War."

Ausführliche Informationen zur Person Scott Althaus finden Sie hier.

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