Media Authority North-Rhine Westphalia (Landesanstalt für Medien, LfM) supports research project "Mediatization Mobile" by Prof. Dr. Peter Vorderer, Dr. Karin Knop and Dr. Dorothée Hefner

The study wants to find out how adolescents between eight and 14 years (who are in the transition period between childhood and youth) are using smartphones and the mobile Internet. The major questions are how they integrate mobile media into their everyday life for coping with development tasks, and how the communication and interaction in family and peer groups are influenced by the omnipresent companion mobile phone. Furthermore, central offers and forms of usage in this process as well as potentials and (also) problems (e.g., sexting, cyber bullying, data protection problems) implied in the mobile mediatization will be identified.

Especially in light of these risks, the development of independent action patterns when dealing with mobile media is an increasingly crucial competence. In this process, the parents are of particular importance because they are the authoritative instance for the media education of their children. While television and the stationary PC are extensively under the parents' "control", the individualized, mobile use of media reduces possibilities of media accompaniment. Therefore, this project will also examine how parents accompany the now increasingly mobile media usage of their children, which ensuing problems they have to face, and which needs for support can be identified.


Members of the project



Prof. Dr. Peter Vorderer
Project Management



Dr. Karin Knop
Project Management



Dr. Dorothée Hefner
Project Management



Stefanie Schmitt, M.A.
Research Associate



Theresa Abele, B.A.
Student Assistant



Paula Auksutat
Student Assistant