Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media and Communication Studies

  • Three-year undergraduate program
  • A minimum of one course per semester offered in English language
  • Introductory modules on media and communication theory and methods of research
  • Advanced modules on audiovisual media and mediated public communication
  • Supplemented by electives in other academic fields, courses relating to media production and soft skills, as well as an internship requirement
  • Requires submission of written BA thesis and passing of final oral exam

The BA program in Media and Communication Studies provides a multi-faceted education in media and communication, drawing on theoretical and methodo-logical approaches from the social sciences and cultural studies and aiming at an analysis of the relationship between media and society. This three-year program is composed of four introductory modules that provide a comprehensive overview of the field’s theoretical and methodological foundations. These foundations are built upon in the two advanced modules, which serve to deepen students’ knowledge in two focal areas:

The audiovisual media module includes courses on film, television, and multimedia. Exemplary topics covered by this module are violence in the media, the aesthetics of newscasts, media genre theory, and the interplay between fact and fiction in media products. It is complemented by a module on mediated public communication, which includes courses dealing with political communication, journalism research, crisis and conflict communication, (trans‑)national public spheres, comparative analysis of media systems, and the effects of entertainment television.

Complementing these modules, the Institute offers an array of courses designed to enhance students’ media production and soft skills (such as presentation trainings).